The 1st Framework Board and management committees are made up of creative individuals and elected representatives from the collaborations.

This mix of each project management changes according to the skills and experience required for the delivery of each individual collaboration.

Recent examples of this mix include representatives from London Business London Southbank University Social Work Department, Peabody Trust, National Institute for Continuing Adult Education.

The current Chairman of the Board is James Dillon television designer, artistic Director is Peter Avery, Senior lecturer Central School of Art, Television & film designer, executive Director Maxine Webster , post grad. Royal School of Art & London Business School. Other Board members include retired Director of Development & Training for Social Workers Rachel Pierce, Rudolf Brunger founder of Trans Europe Halles & Cultural programmer UFA Fabrik Berlin, BBC Radio 4 Senior Producer Jules Wilkinson &  Journalist Mavis Nicholson, teacher Emma Sturgess, retired volunteer supervisor CRISIS Nina Ezra.