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Patron : Jo Brand.

A service which helps clients to compose, edit and finish written projects when ill health gets in the way.

Our clients are for people for whom writing matters. The Scribes can help them continue to feel independent and purposeful through continuing to write.

THE SCRIBES has been developed for people who have always enjoyed writing whether as part of their work or in their free time. They could be teachers, academics, scientists, doctors, lawyers, journalists, script writers or people with other day jobs who have always liked writing but are now finding it hard to continue writing due to illness.

Projects we can help with can include:

  • Books or chapters
  • Work related articles
  • Research papers
  • Reports
  • Creative writing
  • Scripts
  • Letters

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How does Scribe work?

The first time we meet a new client we will ask them to tell us about their project and discuss the kind of help they would like from us. We can then agree what we will aim to achieve together.

Scribe will usually offer six sessions each for up to two hours long. We have found that this amount of time works well as it allows for pauses. The whole process will take place during the sessions, the scribe will not take work away with them.

The amount of support will depend on what the client needs. A scribe can just type as the client dictates but can also offer feedback and ideas on layout, undertake research and, importantly, reflect back the writing to make sure it reads as intended. At the end of each session time will be taken to review progress.

The work can be carried out on the client’s own computer or that of the scribe. In the latter case, the completed project can be presented on paper, cd, on a memory stick or as an emailed document.
At this early stage in the service we have scribes based in South East London and in the Bristol area.